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1 hour of Convertible Top Diagnostic Over Phone Service SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

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Top and Window Service

Brewer Classic Lincoln offers an OVER THE PHONE TOP AND WINDOW REPAIR TROUBLESHOOTING SERVICE! 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 Lincoln and Thunderbird.

I have spent years developing a UNIQUE AND EFFECTIVE diagnostic system which can be implemented through a specific question and answer session with you. The result will be identification of the SPECIFIC cause of your problem followed up by repair or replacement of the switch, relay or motor which is causing your problem ( you will mail them to me and I will test, repair and/or replace). I will take you through simple methods to resolve your top or window problems.

Call me if you need help repairing or troubleshooting your convertible top system, I will spend the time with you to patiently and clearly identify and resolve the problems you are having. I am happy to work with you or your mechanic/technician. Most problems are resolved in under half an hour on the phone

Feel free to call me for a no cost initial discussion of your top or window problem.

The consulting fee does not include the cost of any purchased parts or parts repairs.


If you are having trouble with your Lincoln Continental or Ford Thunderbird Convertible top operation (for models between 1961 and 1967), I will provide 1 hour of telephone diagnosis and repair advice.

You will also receive a copy of my personally written newsletter which outlines your vehicles' top system and discusses the common problems and resolutions to the various glitches which can stop your top system from functioning or which may cause intermittent problems.

Once you have purchased this service, please call me at 303 562-8368 Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm. Please be prepared to tell me specifically at which point in the top operation sequence your problem is occurring, and what the exact symptom is. ALSO, be prepared to take notes.


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