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1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 Lincoln Convertible and 61-66 Thunderbird Convertible Flipper Upper Back Panel Bumper Stop SET

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Up for sale is a PAIR of rubber bumpers that cushion the flipper panel (flapper / upper back panel) of a 1961-1965 Lincoln Convertible and 61-66 Thunderbird Convertible.

These are made with a "PEEL AND STICK" backing for easy installation. Simply take off the old bumper, clean the paint where the old one was adhered, and stick on the new one.
This bumper protects the deck lid from being damaged by the flipper panel when it is tucked, and gives a firm, resilient base for the flipper lid to press into when the deck lid is retracted and the car is in use.
Commonly, these will become misshapen after years of installation, go missing after a paint job or simply fall off.

Made of very dense closed cell foam with a "PEEL AND STICK" backing. Identical to original in shape, color and feel.

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