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1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 Lincoln Window Actuator Striker Switch / Pillar or Latch Plunger Switch

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This switch is made to the original configuration produced by Ford.

This switch works on BOTH 1961-1963 Lincoln Convertibles ( where it is referred to as a Pillar Plunger Switch) and 1964-1965 Lincoln Convertibles. (where it is referred to as a Latch Actuator Plunger witch).

One of these is located in both the right and left pillars (1961 - 1963) and attached to the right and left latch assembly inside the door for 1964 and 1965.

This switch is pressed in when the door is closed, and actuates the rear window to go up if it is in the auto drop mode (lowered 5 inches or so).

If the window is up and the rear door is opened,, this actuates the window to go down 5 inches or so.

This switch also controls raising the window if the door is open If the door is open, the window can be lowered from the window switches at the driver position or on the rear window itself, but the window cannot be raised.

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