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1962 1963 1964 Lincoln Continental & Thunderbird Steering Gearbox Spacer Set

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For sale is a BRAND NEW set of 3 SOLID HARDENED STEEL Steering Gearbox Mounts / Spacers / Isolators, correct bolts and lock washers for 1962 1963 and 1964 Lincoln Continental and Ford Thunderbird .

These replace the steel and rubber isolators that look like those pictured in the 4th photo provided above. Isolator in 4th photo is for comparison purposes only and is not included in this sale.

Ford eliminated the rubber isolators in 1969 because they had found that the rubber in the isolators would fail and cause steering slop. The rubber isolators also did not provide any noticeable improvement to ride or steering feel These NEW spacers fit correctly and will eliminate, once and for all, the play and steering wander common to the original style of isolator.

This set includes 3 spacers, 3 grade 8 bolts and 3 grade 8 lock washers. Requires only a socket set, channel locks and a jack to install.

If you have any questions about this item, or would like to know about the many other 60s Lincoln parts I have available for Ebay auction, please do not hesitate to call me.

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