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1964 1965 Lincoln CONVERTIBLE REAR WINDOW Actuator Striker Switch

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NEW 1964 and 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible Rear Window Actuator Striker Switch. Replacing Ford Part numbers include C4VY 14A155-C, C4VY 14A155-A, C4VY 14A155-B and C5VY 14A155-A.
This switch is located inside both the right rear and left rear doors. It is attached to the latch assembly on the inside of the door and is activated as the door opens and closes.
This switch mounts onto the rear door (right and left) latch assembly by simply removing the old switch, inserting the new, and adjusting the retention nuts to hold it tightly in place so that the button is held down or released when the door latch is activated. Use this as an opportunity to clean and re-grease the latch mechanism!
This new switch is a 100% MADE IN THE USA. It is a high reliability/long life part originally designed for aerospace applications. It should last longer than your original switch did.
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