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1966 1967 1968 1969 Lincoln Upper Front Door Hinge Spring (Set of Two)

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For sale is a NEW PAIR of upper front door hinge springs for your 1966 through 1969 Lincoln (but not the 1969 Mark III).

-This spring is usually broken on one or both sides of the car (check yours!).

- INSTALLATION TAKES ONLY 20 MINUTES with the use of a small hammer and steel center punch.

- This spring acts like a shock absorber, taking 45 pounds of the weight as the door closes. A broken spring will contribute to damaging the door armrest assemblies; cracking the plastic armrest base and the drivers door chrome armrest cap.

-This spring also puts tension on the door so that it does not inadvertently close on your ankle (or your passengers ankle) when entering or exiting the car.

Full instructions provided.

To check if your spring(s) are broken, look into the upper hinge mounting area on your car (fully visible). If the spring is broken, it will either be missing, or will flop from side to side without showing any spring tension.

Please specify the year of your car when ordering. Early 1966 Lincolns require a slightly different spring, which you will receive if that is the one your car uses. See the third photo for what an early 66 spring looks like.

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