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1966 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible Hydraulic Check Valve Rebuild Kit

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This rebuild kit requires you to have or purchase specific tools necessary to perform the job. See the list below. This kit does not include any of the required tools.

Up for sale is a REBUILD KIT for a single hydraulic check valve for the convertible top system of a 1966 or 1967 Lincoln convertible. The check valve is attached to the hydraulic lines adjacent to the top pump and the deck lid pump. You can use this kit for either check valve.

The rebuild kit includes...
-brand new spool with newly engineered viton tip (the spool is inside the check valve and is held in place by a spring and a cap. You will need to re-use your spring. They do not wear out.)
-two brand new viton "O" rings that also fit onto the new spool
-one brand new nylon "O" ring that also fits onto the new spool
-4 brand new viton "O" rings that replace the seat seals at the outer threaded hydraulic hose connections
-new threaded retention cap to hold in the new spool.
-instructions for rebuilding the check valve.

Tools you will need include..
- A grinder or a Dremel with a grinder attachment (to grind down the retention cap end of the check valve
- A 9/16-24 die to apply threads to the retention cap end of the check valve
- A vise to hold the check valve

ABOUT THE CHECK VALVE- The hydraulic check valve acts to prevent movement of hydraulic fluid through the lines when the pump is not energized. Common symptoms of check valve failure include leaking hydraulic fluid from the check valve body and failure of either the top or the deck lid to stay in an upright position once the pump has been turned off. For example, if you put the top straight up in the air and turn off the pump, it should not slowly sink back onto the windshield header or completely into the trunk. In the case of the deck lid, it may slowly sink back into the trunk if put in the vertical position. If the deck lid falls back toward the trunk with the flipper lid extended, this MAY result in the system being out of sync, causing mal-function.
(note that the top, when left in the vertical position, will NORMALLY settle down several feet toward the trunk before stopping totally. This is normal.)

This rebuild kit is not available from any other vendor. This has been custom manufactured for Brewer Classic Lincoln by hydraulic specialists who do work for Caterpillar and Cummins.
The normal rebuild that most vendors perform does not replace the spool which controls fluid flow. This may result in fluid passing the spool tip causing movement of the top or deck lid as described above.

With this rebuild kit and the proper tools as mentioned, it should take about 1/2 hour to perform the work.

If you have any questions about this part, or would like to find out about the thousands of parts I have available for 60's Lincolns, please do not hesitate to call me.

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