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1966 1967 Lincoln HORN Wire Harness NEW

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Up for sale is a NEW engine compartment wire harness for the horns mounted in front of the radiator. For all 1966, 1967 1968 and 1969 Lincolns (not Mark III). This harness connects to the plug at the front driver side of the engine compartment above the voltage regulator and is routed on top of the upper radiator apron. In 1966 there are two horns and in 1967 there are three. This harness has three connectors to accommodate both horn set ups. Simple to install.

This brand new harness has correct wire gauges, wire colors, electrical connectors, and the correct asphaltic cloth loom cover originally installed on these cars.
This will look crisp and clean installed on top of the upper radiator apron. Commonly the old asphaltic coated wire loom falls apart and looks gross!
Ford Part Number C7VY 13A804A

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