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FULLY REBUILT 1964 1965 1966 1967 Lincoln or Thunderbird Convertible Upper Back Panel Limit Switch

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2 YEAR WARRANTY + LIFETIME $100 maintenance rebuilds to the original purchaser. Warranty does not cover missing parts or damag to the switch body, wire harness or plugs

ALL NECESSARY REPLACEMENT PARTS ARE INCLUDED; stainless steel center spindle, aluminum end caps, contact springs, contacts, etc.

PROFESSIONALLY REBUILT- I have personally rebuilt over 1,000 of these switches, and manufacture the replacement parts. I get the job done right, and back it up with a 2 year warranty, technical over the phone service AND LIFETIME $100 preventive maintenance rebuilds TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER.

My Upper Back Panel Limit Switch rebuild includes the following...

- disassembly and complete inspection

- clean body, wire harness, contacts, and all other internal components. As necessary, I will replace corroded nuts, bolts, washers and screws.

- included repairs- Will repair severed wires, will re-solder broken wires onto contact tabs (if possible)

- replacement parts provided include a new stainless steel center spindle, andd new aluminum end caps.

These parts are made by Brewer Classic Lincoln in our affiliated machine shop to our exact specifications..

- Reassemble, test and set factory adjustment on your upper back panel limit switch

- Full installation and adjustment instructions will be provided with the switch.

Will be return shipped Priority insured with delivery confirmation within the US. .

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