Brewer Classic Lincoln

Convertible Top Limit Switch Rebuild Service (Lincoln and Thunderbird)

We will rebuild your Lincoln and Thunderbird convertible top switches 1961-1967.

There are around 10 top limit switches on each car (depending upon year).

These include…

Deck Lid Down Limit Switch (all years)

Deck Lid Up Limit Switch (1 or 2 depending upon year)

Upper Back Panel Limit Switch (64-67)

Flipper Lid Up Limit Switch (61-63)

Flipper Lid Down Limit Switch  ( 2 for 61-63)

Top Up Limit Switch Rear (all years)

Top Up Limit Switch Front (all years)

Top Lock Limit Switch (all years)

Top Unlock Limit Switch (all years)

Top Down Limit Switch (all years)

I can identify which switch is causing your problem.

I will disassemble, clean, and properly rebuild each switch you send me. Fully tested for proper function and full continuity.

If your switch is too damaged to rebuild, let’s discuss pricing and availability of another good switch.

Pricing for switch rebuild is generally $50 per switch EXCEPT for the Upper Back Panel Limit Switch.  Please see that specific switch category in the drop-down menu for my SERVICE offerings.

Please give me a call.


303  562-8368