Brewer Classic Lincoln

Can you help me with my top, over the phone?

I do provide a phone based consultation service to help you with your top system. The price is $200 for the consult. This is limited to about 2 hours of help over one or more calls. I am always happy to spend a little free time with customers on the phone to help them with their problems.  If I cannot help you, I can refer you to specialists that can.  Please refer to my PREFERRED VENDORS LIST

Do you rebuild upper back panel limit switches and other top and window switches yourself?

Yes, I personally rebuild these items.  I provide rebuilt upper back panel limit switches to several of the major suppliers of Lincoln and Thunderbird parts, as well as several Lincoln/T-Bird top and window specialists.  I have had many of the necessary parts reproduced by my machine shop, and other fabrication specialists. These items include center spindles, contact springs, contacts, end caps,  and center spindle springs.

Does a High Torque Flap Motor really help my convertible deck lid flap to go up reliably?

Yes, the motor I provide is a beefier, more powerful unit which provides higher torque than the original. It does not go faster, it is just stronger, and does the job like it should have been done when these cars were first produced.  I assemble these motors here at Brewer Classic Lincoln, and provide them to customers as well as the leading top specialist in the country.

Do you provide parts for 1960 or earlier, or 70’s and later Lincolns?

My primary focus is 1961- 1969 Lincolns.  I can rebuild window switches in cars up to 1979.  If I do not have what you are looking for, I would be happy to refer you to those who do carry what you need.

Do you carry engine or suspension parts, or body panels?

I generally carry parts that are easy to remove and easy to store. If the part is large or heavy, or would be very difficult to ship, I try to stay away from it.  If you are willing to remove and pick up large and unwieldy parts, I can help you.

Do you provide mechanical work?

I am not a mechanic and do not have a shop to perform work in. I do, from time to time, work on top and window systems that customers bring to me.  I am available occasionally to travel to your location at your cost to assess and repair window and top systems.

Well connected within the Lincoln community. If we don’t have it, we will tell you who does.


Brewer Classic Lincoln

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